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1. Finger touch activation

Activate your One X device for measurement with a simple finger touch.
One X Touch ID allows for an automatic pairing of your score with your One X account.
The central LED will flash to indicate measurement readiness.

2. Palm scan

One X simply and naturally fits in your hand, just hold it for 20 seconds.
Once the palm of your hand and One X sensors are in contact,
the lateral LED will start displaying the ongoing measurement.

One X sensors detect excess light noise between sensors and your
palm to automatically discard weak measurement points and optimize scan accuracy.

3. One X score

Activate your One X device for measurement with a simple finger touch.
One X Touch ID allows for an automatic pairing of your score with your One X account.
The central LED will flash to indicate measurement readiness.

Dashboard Recommendations Progress tracking Nutrition trackboard Social leaderboard Supplements Food tracking

At a glance, check your last
antioxidant level and quicly check
your recent progress in nutrition,
lifestyle and anti-oxidant protection.
One X provides you with personalized
recommendations In the field of lifestyle
and nutrition. Get optimized advices tailormade
to your needs and deficiencies.
Get detailed insight on the effect of every day
lifestyle event on your One X score.
The App will provide you with specific lifestyle
recommendations to turn your habits into thriving
and protective ones for your body.
Get unique detailed analysis of your food intake
with a revolutionary food recognition system
embedded in One X mobile App.
See where you stand compared to your friends.
Set competition and challenges to emulate each
one to reach its full antioxidant protection level
You can also set a family dashboard to track the
score of your love-ones.
Bridging the Nutritional Gap:
One X machine learning algorithm will formulate
each month a personalized supplement including
whole spectrum organic food components
to balance deficiencies impacting your score
and not provided by your current diet.
Instantly access One X Food tracking system
through the Camera button of your smartphone.
You're just one step from receiving automatic
detailed analysis of your plate / food intake.
Forget about logging each ingredient of your meal.
Future has come!

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  • Progress Tracking
  • Nutrition Trackboard
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  • Food Tracking

Understand the impact of your lifestyle on your Health

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Sun exposure is essential for human wellbeing and metabolism of essential compounds such as Vitamin D or regeneration of critical antioxidant such as CoQ10. Excessive sun exposure, nonetheless, quickly depletes your reserve of skin carotenoids. The key indicator of your skin quality, elasticity and youth. Exposure to ultraviolet light, UVA or UVB, from sunlight accounts for 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging.

Free radicals induced by UV radiation such as superoxide anion, hydrogen peroxide and the hydroxyl radical can cause wrinkles by activating the metalloproteinases that break down collagen. They can cause cancer by changing the genetic material, RNA and DNA, of the cell.

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You would be surprised to see how quickly your body can be depleted of its antioxidant protection once you have reached a certain level of alcohol consumption. "Ethanol-induced oxidative stress" is one of the most acute process depleting your antioxidant reserve. Association of alcohol with dietary sources of unsaturated fats (most vegetable oils) increase the damage potential. Strong oxidizing intermediates such as hydroxyl radicals can abstract hydrogen atoms from ethanol Hydroxyal Radicals:

Hydroxyal Radicals

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Nutrition is the lifestyle factor where you have most control. You ultimately decide what your body is fed every single day. Diet can be your best ally or worst enemy: opting for the best source of antioxidant foods will allow you to constantly replenish your antioxidant reserve and face most of today's "oxidative challenges". Food antioxidant have always been a key complement of your body natural antioxidant defenses. But recurring "oxidative diet" has a double edge consequence: increasing oxidative attacks without providing your body with the necessary defense it requires to face it.

Carotenoids are one of the most beneficial dietary antioxidants:


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Excess sport activity of total lack of activity have been associated with higher production of free radicals.

High aerobic volume overwhelms the body ability to neutralize free radicals produced by the excess oxygen consumption. Early grey hair onset is a classical feature of premature aging, usually observed in high endurance runner.

Example of free radical produced: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide

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Environmental pollution's main sources: Exposure to tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 toxic chemicals that lead to oxidative stress.

Exposure to air pollutants. Allergens and industrial pollution increase oxidation in our bodies. Ionizing radiation. Exposure to the sun, x-rays, radon, hair dryers, cellphones, EMFs, airplanes, electric blankets and waterbed heaters can contribute to oxidative stress.

Other Environmental pollutants:
Plastics, Pesticides, Heavy metals in air and water (mercury, lead, asbestos, aluminium).

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Mental Stress is not only a psychological phenomenon but travels throughout the body with very potent physiological consequences. One key mechanism is through the chronic production of the cortisol hormone released during stress exposure.

Research has shown interesting correlations between chronic stress arousal and oxidative stress that quickly depletes an individual antioxidant protection. Chronic Cortisol production creates a pro-inflammatory state within the body that promotes production of free radicals, underpinning most of today's chronic diseases.

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Nothing beats a good night sleep and for reason. Proper sleep means proper body secretion of melatonin at night (during deep sleep phase). Research has shown that melatonin was one of the most potent antioxidant known to humans. Lack of proper sleep will make your body more vulnerable to oxidative attacks and will further deplete your reserve of antioxidant

Example of beneficial antioxidant produced by the body: Melatonin


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